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Jan 27

How to download audio posts from Tumblr using Google Chrome or Firefox (Greasemonkey)

1. Download and install this extension:

If using Chrome:


If using Greasemonkey in Firefox:


2. After the extension is installed refresh the tumblr post you’re looking to download. When you refresh you will see this now:

3. Click the box that now is under the audio post you want to download. It will bring you to a new page that will simply look like this:

4. Right click on the large dark grey part of the page and select Save As:

5. Rename the file to whatever you want and enjoy :)

I am using the ChromeTaster so I apologize if this is not the exact instructions for Firefox. 

An extra feature in the ChromeTaster version is now that you have this extension it will save every audio post you download and will let you create a playlist with the downloads to listen to your music while browsing the internet now. :)

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